Andrea Lynn Murphy

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OBJECTIVE Potency equivalents for anti-psychotic drugs are required to guide clinical dosing and for designing and interpreting research studies. Available dosing guidelines are limited by the methods and data from which they were generated. METHOD With a two-step Delphi method, the authors surveyed a diverse group of international clinical and research(More)
Disparities exist between rural and urban emergency departments with respect to knowledge resources such as online journals and clinical specialists. As knowledge is a critical element in the delivery of quality care, a web-based learning project was proposed to address the knowledge needs of emergency clinicians. One objective of this project was to(More)
BACKGROUND Keeping current with drug therapy information is challenging for health care practitioners. Technologies are often implemented to facilitate access to current and credible drug information sources. In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, legislation was passed in 2002 to allow nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice collaboratively with physician(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine patient preferences, satisfaction, and perceived stigma related to community pharmacists. METHODS A total of 79 persons receiving psychotropic medications from community pharmacies were recruited at mental health outpatient clinics in Canada to complete a cross-sectional survey. RESULTS Traditional(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to identify the patterns of prescribing by primary health care nurse practitioners for a cohort of older adults. BACKGROUND The older adult population is known to receive complex pharmacotherapy. Monitoring prescribing to older adults can inform quality improvement initiatives. In comparison to other countries,(More)
BACKGROUND An intervention (termed Initiative) was initiated to facilitate converting beneficiaries of a public drug insurance program in the province of Nova Scotia from respiratory nebulization medications to inhalers. Community pharmacists provided patient education and billed professional fees for conversions or optimizing inhaled respiratory medication(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacists are knowledgeable, accessible health care professionals who can provide services that improve outcomes in mental health care. Various challenges and opportunities can exist in pharmacy practice to hinder or support pharmacists' efforts. We used a theory-informed approach to development and implementation of a capacity-building program(More)
Over the past three decades, pediatric palliative care programs have been developed and refined throughout the world. The purpose of this study was to provide information on experiences from four of those programs, yet we acknowledge that there are many other innovative programs that deserve recognition for the services they provide to children and(More)
Long-term sedative use is prevalent and associated with significant morbidity, including adverse events such as falls, cognitive impairment, and sedation. The development of dependence can pose significant challenges when discontinuation is attempted as withdrawal symptoms often develop. We conducted a scoping review to map and characterize the literature(More)
BACKGROUND Prescribing of antipsychotics (AP) to young people has increased in the last decade internationally. We aimed to characterize AP prescribing in a population of low-income youth in Nova Scotia, Canada. METHODS We conducted a population database study of AP prescription claims and health services utilization by young people aged 25 years and(More)