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This paper addresses the problem of verification of multi-agent systems by means of symbolic model checking. It is shown how to adapt the techniques of bounded and unbounded model checking to verify temporal epistemic properties of multi-agent systems. We give details of these two techniques for the logic that extends CTLK by past modalities, and show how(More)
We investigate the problem of locally monitoring contract regulated behaviours agent-based in web services. We encode contract clauses in service specifications by using extended timed automata. We propose a non intrusive local monitoring framework along with an API to monitor the fulfilment (or violation) of contractual obligations. We illustrate our(More)
In this work, we present a new framework to dynamically load hardware accelerators on reconfigurable platforms (FPGAs). Provided a library of application-specific processors, we load on-the-fly the specific processor in the FPGA, and we transfer the execution from the CPU to the FPGA-based accelerator. Results show that significant speed-up can be obtained(More)
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