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Parallel computing is indisputably present in the future of high performance computing. For distributed memory systems, MPI is widely accepted as a de facto standard. However, I/O is often neglected when considering parallel performance. In this article, a number of I/O strategies for distributed memory systems will be examined. These will be evaluated in(More)
The COOLFluiD (Computational Object Oriented Libraries for Fluid Dynamics) project, officially started in 2002, has lead to the creation of a world-class, extremely modular collaborative platform for high-performance scientific computing and multi-physics modeling. Target applications include Space Weather modeling, aeroacoustics, turbulence,(More)
The EXPERT (European eXPErimental Reentry Testbed) mission started by ESA in 2000 provides a unique opportunity to the European aerospace community for developing scientific payloads and performing in-flight experiments in order to obtain aerothermodynamic data for the validation of numerical models and of ground-to-flight extrapolation methodologies. To(More)