Andrea Lammert

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For early vertebrates, a long-standing hypothesis is that vertebrae evolved as a locomotor adaptation, stiffening the body axis and enhancing swimming performance. While supported by biomechanical data, this hypothesis has not been tested using an evolutionary approach. We did so by extending biomimetic evolutionary analysis (BEA), which builds physical(More)
Water vapor profiles from NASA's Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (LASE) system acquired during the ARM/FIRE Water Vapor Experiment (AFWEX) are used to characterize upper troposphere water vapor (UTWV) measured by ground-based Raman lidars, radiosondes, and in situ aircraft sensors. Initial comparisons showed the average Vaisala radiosonde measurements(More)
The archiving of scientific data is a sophisticated mission in nearly all research projects. In this paper, we introduce a new online archive of atmospheric measurement data from the " High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction " (HD(CP) 2) research initiative. The project data archive is quality managed, easy to use, and is(More)
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