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Since 1996 a new Infectious Bronchitis virus (IBV) genotype, referred to as Q1, circulated in China and was reported for the first time in Italy in 2011, associated with an increase of mortality, kidney lesions and proventriculitis. During northern Italian outbreak of respiratory disease in a broiler flock in 2013, an IBV strain was detected by RT-PCR and(More)
Avian metapneumovirus (aMPV) infects respiratory and reproductive tracts of domestic poultry, often involving secondary infections, and leads to serious economic losses in most parts of the world. While in general disease is effectively controlled by live vaccines, reversion to virulence of those vaccines has been demonstrated on several occasions.(More)
The employment of thermoluminescence dosimeters in the evaluation of X-rays emitted by a plesiotherapy apparatus was investigated. It was found that lithium fluoride microdosimeters gave good linearity of response in function of the energy involved. This response was also repeatable as required.
The controversy over the treatment of initial cancer of the breast is well known. An account is given of the factors that determine the prognosis, and the clinical and instrumental examinations on which staging is based. Lastly, radiotherapeutical approaches founded on precise classification dependent on systematic investigations of a radiological,(More)