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The existing literature on parental control and children's diets is confusing. The present paper reports two studies to explore an expanded conceptualisation of parental control with a focus on overt control which 'can be detected by the child' and covert control which 'cannot be detected by the child'. In study 1, 297 parents of children aged between 4 and(More)
The importance of sympatric speciation (the evolution of reproductive isolation between codistributed populations) in generating biodiversity is highly controversial. Whereas potential examples of sympatric speciation exist for plants, insects, and fishes, most theoretical models suggest that it requires conditions that are probably not common in nature,(More)
This research examined the nature of children's trauma narrative themes and the relationship between these themes and concurrent and future trauma symptoms. Eighty-seven children aged 7-15 years, and their parents, participated following child exposure to a traumatic event requiring hospitalization. At 4-7 weeks post-trauma, a diagnostic interview was(More)
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become a cutting-edge tool for investigating hemodynamic dysfunctions in the body. It has the potential to help physicians quantify in more detail the phenomena difficult to capture with in vivo imaging techniques. CFD simulations in anatomically realistic geometries pose challenges in generating accurate solutions due(More)
1. The ability of eleven normal subjects to match the position of the proximal interphalangeal joints was tested. The right index finger (target finger) was moved to a given position and the subject was required to match this with the left index finger (matching finger). 2. Digital nerve block of the matching finger resulted in substantial impairment in(More)
Single motor unit activity was recorded from human lower lip muscles while subjects maintained a firing rate of 20 ips using audio and visual feedback. Each motor unit was classified as belonging to one of three muscles, orbicularis oris inferior (OOI), mentalis (MENT), or depressor labii inferior (DLI). Reflex responses were elicited in single motor units(More)
Factors shaping population differentiation in low latitude seabirds are not well-understood. In this study, we examined global patterns of DNA sequence variation in the mitochondrial control region of the band-rumped storm-petrel (Oceanodroma castro), a highly pelagic seabird distributed across the sub-tropical and tropical Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.(More)
This study addressed the potential impact of serial migration for parent-children relationships and for children's psychological well-being. The experience of being separated from their parents during childhood and reunited with them at a later time was retrospectively examined for 48 individuals. A series of measures (e.g., self-esteem, parental(More)
In each of at least two locations within the Galapagos Islands, breeding band-rumped storm-petrels (Oceanodroma castro) form two distinct populations that use the same colony site at separate times of the year for reproduction. Temporal segregation of these populations raises the possibility that they are reproductively isolated and represent cryptic(More)
Transmission of influenza among health care workers is a well-documented problem. Influenza vaccination is an effective intervention to reduce the influenza burden; however, vaccination rates remain low among health care workers. The challenge for occupational health nurses is how to increase health care workers' vaccination rates. This article describes(More)