Andrea L. Murray

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine attention and processing speed outcomes in very preterm (VPT; < 32 weeks' gestational age) or very low birth weight (VLBW; < 1,500 g) children, and to determine whether brain abnormality measured by neonatal MRI can be used to predict outcome in these domains. METHOD A cohort of 198 children born < 30 weeks'(More)
While attention impairments are commonly observed in very preterm (<32weeks' gestational age) children, neuroanatomical correlates of these difficulties are unclear. We aimed to determine whether the microstructural organization of key white matter tracts thought to be involved in attention (cingulum bundle, superior longitudinal fasciculi, reticular(More)
This meta-analysis sought to identify the strongest antecedents of blood donation behavior and intentions. It synthesized the results of 24 predictive correlational studies of donation behavior and 37 studies of donation intentions. The antecedents were grouped into six research programs: (1) the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and its extensions, (2)(More)
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