Andrea L Magee

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Lipid rafts are specialized plasma membrane microdomains, in which glycosphingolipids and cholesterol are major structural components. In T lymphocytes, several signaling proteins are associated with lipid rafts including the protein tyrosine kinase LCK and the adapter protein LAT. To investigate their importance in T cell signaling, lipid rafts were(More)
Incidental focal FDG uptake in the breast or axilla on PET/CT performed for evaluation of extra-mammary primary disease presents a diagnostic challenge. Radiologists must consider a broad differential diagnosis, assess clinical history, and judiciously employ other imaging modalities such as mammography, ultrasound and MRI in the pursuit of findings which(More)
The management of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) depends on early identification of the disease process, which is complicated by its nonspecific clinical presentation in addition to variable and diverse laboratory and radiologic findings. HP is the result of exposure and sensitization to myriad aerosolized antigens. HP develops in the minority of(More)
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