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This paper proposes a complete analysis of quadrature-coupled LC oscillators. These oscillators operate off-resonance and for this reason, their phase noise worsens at increasing coupling strength. Since the coupling transistors raise the total power consumption, the noise-power product degrades further with respect to a stand-alone oscillator. On the other(More)
—Flicker noise up-conversion in voltage-biased oscilla-tors can be effectively suppressed by inserting resistances in series to the drain of the transconductor MOSFETs. This solution avoids the degradation of the start-up margin and the adoption of area-demanding resonant filters with proper tuning. This paper presents a detailed theoretical analysis of 1/f(More)
—Harmonic content modulation of the oscillator output voltage waveform can contribute to flicker noise up-conversion in LC-tuned oscillators. The paper reports a quantitative analysis of the effect in Van der Pol oscillators using the framework of the impulse sensitivity function (ISF). It is shown that most of the up-conversion efficiency results from the(More)