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Short-term consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa has been demonstrated to improve various facets of vascular health. The purpose of the present study was to determine the effect of 4 weeks of natural cocoa consumption on selected cardiovascular disease (CVD) biomarkers in young (19-35 years) women of differing body mass indices (BMI; normal, overweight or(More)
Analysis of granulocyte function can provide important information about the state of the body's innate immune system. Existing flow cytometry methods that lack image-based analysis capabilities fail to fully evaluate granulocyte function. In the present method, we combine simultaneous detection of phagocytosis and oxidative burst in granulocytes to(More)
Existing methods of assessing monocyte inflammatory cytokine (IL-1β, IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α) response to in vitro lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation lack the ability to simultaneously detect intracellular mRNA and protein. This procedure takes advantage of new methodologies and instrumentation to simultaneously measure intracellular TNF-α mRNA and protein(More)
Recent advances in instrument design and reagent development have enabled the rapid progression in available measurement techniques in the field of flow cytometry. In particular, image-based flow cytometry extends the analysis capacity found in traditional flow cytometry. Until recently, it was not possible to measure intracellular mRNA in specific(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Recent research has speculated that the risk of developing atherosclerosis is due to the accumulation of the effects of daily diet choices. The purpose of this study was to examine which of our previously identified preclinical disease risk biomarkers were further elevated when consuming a high-fat (644±50 kcal; 100% recommended(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage (EIMD) and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) impact subsequent training sessions and activities of daily living (ADL) even in active individuals. In sedentary or diseased individuals, EIMD and DOMS may be even more pronounced and present even in the absence of structured exercise. METHODS The purpose of this(More)
The accuracy of core temperature (Tc) thermometry from temporal, tympanic, and oral thermometry devices has been variable during exercise in a hot, humid environment. The purpose of the present study was to cross-validate temporal, two tympanic devices, and oral devices compared to an ingestible thermistor during exercise in a hot, humid environment.(More)
Granulocytes play a key role in the body's innate immune response to bacterial and viral infections. While methods exist to measure granulocyte function, in general these are limited in terms of the information they can provide. For example, most existing assays merely provide a percentage of how many granulocytes are activated following a single, fixed(More)
The examination of monocyte phagocytosis of modified lipoproteins is important to the understanding of plaque deposition and the development of atherosclerosis. Current methods lack the high-throughput image-based analysis capabilities, which may yield novel information concerning monocyte activity in disease processes. Specifically, this method identifies(More)
Exposure to pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPS), damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPS), and physiologically challenging stimuli either positively or negatively affect leukocyte maturity. Cellular maturity has implications for the effectiveness of host response to bacterial or viral infection and/or tissue injury. Thus, the ability to(More)