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BACKGROUND Aedes mediovittatus mosquitoes are found throughout the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean and often share the same larval habitats with Ae. Aegypti, the primary vector for dengue virus (DENV). Implementation of vector control measures to control dengue that specifically target Ae. Aegypti may not control DENV transmission in Puerto Rico (PR).(More)
Half a million patients are hospitalized with severe dengue every year, many of whom would die without timely, appropriate clinical intervention. The majority of dengue cases are uncomplicated; however, 2-5% progress to severe dengue. Severe dengue cases have been reported with increasing frequency over the last 30 years. To discover biomarkers for severe(More)
Saxitoxin (STX) is a potent marine toxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) which can result in significant morbidity and mortality in humans. Low lethal doses, rapid onset of PSP symptoms, and brief STX half-life in vivo require sensitive and rapid diagnostic techniques to monitor human exposures. Our laboratory has validated an enzyme-linked(More)
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