Andrea L Foster

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  • Edwin H Blake, Lindsay Steventon, Jacqlyn Edge, Andrea Foster
  • 2002
The field computer system has been developed to gather complex data on animal behaviour that is observed by expert animal trackers. The system is location aware using the satellite Global Positioning System. The system has been designed to empower semi-literate trackers. User testing showed that trackers were easily able to master the interface. They(More)
BACKGROUND Pain is a common symptom in patients with multiple myeloma (MM). Many patients are dependent on analgesics and in particular opioids, but there is limited information on the impact of these drugs and their side effects on health-related quality of life (HRQoL). METHOD In a cross-sectional study, semi-structured interviews were performed in 21(More)
BACKGROUND A realistic estimation of the health risk of human exposure to solid-phase arsenic (As) derived from historic mining operations is a major challenge to redevelopment of California's famed "Mother Lode" region. Arsenic, a known carcinogen, occurs in multiple solid forms that vary in bioaccessibility. X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy(More)
In the past 25 years, active hydrothermal systems, polymetallic mineral deposits, and robust biological communities have been discovered in a variety of submarine settings including sediment-free and sediment-covered ocean ridges, rifted continental margins, volcanic arcs, back-arc basins, and seamounts. Chemical analyses of vent fluids, massive sulfide(More)
Ten couples treated for sexual dysfunctional problems were administered the Sexual Compatibility Test before and after treatment. Significant changes between before-and-after testing were found on all subscales, on the major scales, and on dysfunctional scores. Changes occurred in amount of sexual communication, amount of sexual activity, level of sexual(More)
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