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During the acute training response, peripheral cellular mechanisms are mainly metabolostatic to achieve energy supply. During prolonged training, glycogen deficiency occurs; this is associated with increased expression of local cytokines, and decreased insulin secretion and beta-adrenergic stimulation and lipolysis in adipose tissue which looses energy.(More)
BACKGROUND : Tonsillectomy is one of the most common procedures in head and neck surgery. Various techniques have been developed to reduce the risk of postoperative bleeding and postoperative pain. Water-jet technology has been designed for a gentle dissection of parenchymal organs. We report the results of a first pilot study using the water-jet technique(More)
UNLABELLED <AT> BACKGROUND </AT> Functional abdominal pain (FAP) according to the paediatric ROME III (pRIII) criteria appears to be highly prevalent among school children. The differentiation between organic and functional abdominal pain is a challenge. Indeed, the capacity of the pRIII criteria to identify patients with FAP is still debated.
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