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BACKGROUND: Electronic communication between health organisations takes place within strong networks. The technical und procedural support of electronic health communication is of increasing importance for optimal treatment quality and patient safety. Due to the federal organisation of the healthcare system in Austria, the electronic health record –(More)
Grid tariffs are the main source of income for distribution system operators (DSOs). Reductions of tariffs increase the cost pressure on DSOs; assuming they work efficiently tariff reductions potentially lead to a decrease of the electricity system's quality if no reliability of supply criteria are incorporated in the regulatory system. Our statistically(More)
a Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives, Energy Economics Group, Vienna University of Technology, Gusshausstrasse 25-29, 370, 1040 Vienna, Austria b Institute for Sustainable Economic Development, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Feistmatelstrasse 4, A-1180 Vienna, Austria c The Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler(More)
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