Andrea Kidd Taylor

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This study examines the rapid growth of hospital wage rates and employment levels over the past decade, with particular attention to the period 1971-73, when wage and price controls were in effect throughout the economy. The analysis shows that the hospital regulations under the Economic Stabilization Program reduced real hospital wages below what they(More)
Women of all races have faced incredible challenges as they sought to realize the promises of America. For women of color, these challenges were compounded by the second-class citizenship of U.S. racial and ethnic minority population groups. In an effort to assess the quality of life experienced by Latina and African American women, this article provides(More)
Determinants of health insurance choices are estimated from a logit model and data from the National Medical Care Expenditure Survey. Employees offered a choice between traditional health insurance plans chose the high option and the low option in roughly equal numbers. About a quarter of the employees who were offered enrollment in an HMO selected the HMO(More)
Renewed national interest in market forces to promote more efficient and cost-conscious behavior by patients and providers increasingly focuses on the structure of private health insurance benefits. Two features of procompetitive legislative proposals are considered: a ceiling on tax-free employer insurance premiums and offering greater choice of insurance(More)
Figures from the U.S. Department of Labor show that low-wage or marginalized workers are more likely to be injured on the job and suffer more work-related medical conditions than better-paid workers. Despite an increasingly hostile organizing climate, market globalization, and corporate downsizing, significant progress has been made in organizing(More)
The price of health care is rising faster than most other prices; the increasing number of employer-financed health insurance plans means that insurance premiums are a significantly growing expense. Some companies might save money without sacrificing the quality of care by building or buying health care facilities. The authors analyze hospital costs and(More)