Andrea Kerstin Keller

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The organization of intrinsic connections in rat motor cortex was studied by combining microstimulation and tract-tracing techniques. Maps of forelimb and vibrissal movements were constructed from the distribution of cortical sites from which movements were evoked in response to intracortical microstimulation. Then, a single injection of a fluorescent(More)
BACKGROUND Capsular contracture remains a hitherto unsolved complication after implantation of silicone gel-filled breast prostheses. Based on clinical and experimental data, the use of an acellular dermal matrix as a sheath around implants may lead to lesser capsular contracture acting as a proposed biological environment mimicking wound bed tissue. The(More)
Ultraviolet radiation is an established skin carcinogen. By analysing the seasonality of melanoma diagnoses, the effect of this risk factor can be examined indirectly. However, previous studies yielded conflicting results, because of vastly differing analytical methods and diverse study designs. Therefore, to validate the findings by Chaillol and colleagues(More)
OBJECTIVES Three-dimensional radiological imaging data play an increasingly role in planning, simulation, and navigation in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The aim of this study was to establish a new, highly precise, in vitro measurement technology for the evaluation of the geometric accuracy down to the micrometric range of digital imaging data. (More)
To evaluate radiation dose levels in patients undergoing spiral coronary computed tomography angiography (CTA) on a dual-source system in clinical routine. Coronary CTA was performed for 56 patients with electrocardiogram-triggered tube current modulation (TCM) and heart-rate (HR) dependent pitch adaptation. Individual Monte Carlo (MC) simulations were(More)
BACKGROUND Proprioceptive neuromuscular stimulating insoles are increasingly applied in treating functional complaints, chronic pain, foot disorders and so on. OBJECTIVES To evaluate rasterstereography as a tool in objectifying postural changes resulting from neuromuscular afferent stimulation and proprioceptive neuromuscular stimulating insoles and to(More)
The underlying physiological mechanism of topical negative pressure (TNP) therapy is not yet completely understood. This prospective clinical study aims to clarify a potential influence of TNP therapy on vessel proliferation and hypoxia in chronic wounds. TNP was applied on chronic wounds of 16 patients (-125 mmHg) to prepare them for a plastic-surgical(More)
AIM Elevated levels of von Willebrand factor (VWF) are often observed in many diseases including colorectal cancer, but this finding is not definite. The aim of our study was to examine the change in VWF multimer distribution in patients with colorectal cancer. METHOD We randomly selected nine patients from each of the four Union for International Cancer(More)
Background Evidence on the effect of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure in infancy on melanoma risk in later life is scarce. Three recent studies suggest that people born in spring carry a higher melanoma risk. Our study aimed at verifying whether such a seasonal pattern of melanoma risk actually exists. Methods Data from the population-based Cancer(More)