Andrea Herrera

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The cyclic AMP response to catecholamines in rat cortical slices is mediated by a beta adrenergic receptor which is coupled to adenylate cyclase and an alpha adrenergic receptor which potentiates the response to beta receptor stimulation. The present studies examined the effects of repeated restraint stress, adrenocorticotropin or desmethylimipramine(More)
The cyclic AMP response to catecholamines in the rat cerebral cortex is mediated by both beta- and alpha-adrenoceptors. The beta-receptors cause a direct activation of adenylate cyclase whereas the alpha alpha-receptors play a modulatory role and act by potentiating the response to beta stimulation. The present study investigated whether the functions of(More)
The cyclic adenosine monophosphate response to catecholamines in the rat brain is mediated by beta-adrenergic receptors which activate adenylate cyclase and by alpha-adrenergic receptors which potentiate the response to beta-stimulation. We have found that the alpha-potentiation effect in the olfactory bulb is 2-3X greater than in other forebrain areas.(More)
Cloud computing is a service-based computing resources sourcing model that is changing the way in which companies deploy and operate information and communication technologies (ICT). This model introduces several advantages compared with traditional environments along with typical outsourcing benefits reshaping the ICT services supply chain by creating a(More)
Amphetamine locomotor sensitization is an animal model for the study of addiction and schizophrenia. The antipsychotic clozapine blocks the hyperlocomotion induced by an acute injection of amphetamine, but its effect on locomotor sensitization after repeated amphetamine administration remains unknown. In the present study we investigate the effect of(More)
Authoring tools are becoming increasingly common, they make it easier and faster to create educational content. Normally, they are based on standard training practices, and the content usually is displayed in two-dimensions. A learning environment that contains a challenge manager to store exercises in a database has been developed as an authoring tool for(More)
Gender and sexuality; Race and ethnicity; White supremacist and right-wing social movements; Hate crimes; Teaching about race and gender. Introduction to Race and Ethnicity textbook, with Rodney Coates and David Brunsma. Under contract with Sage.
In this paper, the development of a subsystem in an educational game is presented. The educational game cited here; "Geometry Virtual Museum" (GVM) is focused on geometry learning which is aimed at students to help enhance their knowledge in this mathematical area. In-game information is generated about the learning activity of the students. Information(More)