Andrea Herre

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Within a screening program, 91 fungal strains belonging to 32 genera of different ecological and taxonomic groups (wood- and litter-decaying basidiomycetes, saprophytic micromycetes) were tested for their ability to metabolize and mineralize 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT). All these strains metabolized TNT rapidly by forming monoaminodinitrotoluenes (AmDNT).(More)
Measurement and characterization of subvisible particles (defined here as those ranging in size from 2 to 100 μm), including proteinaceous and nonproteinaceous particles, is an important part of every stage of protein therapeutic development. The tools used and the ways in which the information generated is applied depends on the particular product(More)
Mr. Edward Weston is a test engineer for SAIC assigned to the SE&I System Test and Evaluation Team. He has over 35 years experience with military GPS, first working on the development and operations of the Inverted Range to support GPS concept validation, then working on the development of Time-Space-Positioning Information capabilities for Edwards Air(More)