Andrea H. Skarra

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We examine the problem of type evolution in an object-oriented database environment. Type definitions are persistent objects in the database and as such may be modified and shared. The effects of changing a type extend to objects of the type and to programs that use objects of the type. We propose a solution to the problem through an extension of the(More)
A b s t r a c t This paper summarizes the interface, implementation , and use of a server process that is used as a back-end by an object-oriented database system. This server is responsible for managing objects on secondary storage, managing transactions, and implementing a simple form of trigger. We sketch the interface of this system and point out some(More)
Traditional atomic transactions do not work well in databases used by design applications. A typical design task is divided into parallel subtasks that are interdependent. We relax the constraint of atomicity in these situations to allow cooperative transactions to work together in groups to accomplish design tasks in the database. These groups may be(More)