Andrea Gutierrez

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INTRODUCTION The stress index (SI), a parameter derived from the shape of the pressure-time curve, can identify injurious mechanical ventilation. We tested the hypothesis that adjusting tidal volume (VT) to a non-injurious SI in an open lung condition avoids hypoventilation while preventing overdistension in an experimental model of combined lung injury and(More)
Three studies considered the consequences of writing, talking, and thinking about significant events. In Studies 1 and 2, students wrote, talked into a tape recorder, or thought privately about their worst (N ϭ 96) or happiest experience (N ϭ 111) for 15 min each during 3 consecutive days. In Study 3 (N ϭ 112), students wrote or thought about their happiest(More)
BACKGROUND Historically, the elective ventilatory flow pattern for neonates has been decelerating flow (DF). Decelerating flow waveform has been suggested to improve gas exchange in the neonate when compared with square flow (SF) waveform by improving the ventilation perfusion. However, the superiority of DF compared with SF has not yet been demonstrated(More)
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