Andrea Gruneir

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Despite documented preferences for home death, the majority of deaths from terminal illness occur in hospital. To better understand variation in place of death, we conducted a systematic literature review and a multilevel analysis in which we linked death certificates with county and state data. The results of both components revealed that opportunities for(More)
OBJECTIVE Metformin has been associated with a reduction in breast cancer risk and may improve survival after cancer through direct and indirect tumor-suppressing mechanisms. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of metformin therapy on survival in women with breast cancer using methods that accounted for the duration of treatment with(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether current antipsychotic use among older persons without diabetes is associated with a higher risk of hospital visits for hyperglycemia, as previous studies in this population have yielded conflicting results. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A nested case-control study within a population-based cohort of persons aged 66 years(More)
Older adults use emergency departments (EDs) more than any other age group and are more prone to subsequent adverse events. This article reviews the literature on ED use by older adults within the context of evaluating their need for emergency care and the extent to which access to primary and supportive care services affect use. While a substantial(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that there is an association between antipsychotic drugs and new-onset diabetes, but little is known about the risk of hyperglycemia among persons with preexisting diabetes. METHODS Using a nested case-control design and population-based health databases in Ontario, Canada, persons aged 66 years or older with diabetes who(More)
BACKGROUND Unplanned hospital readmissions are common, expensive and often preventable. Strategies designed to reduce readmissions should target patients at high risk. The purpose of this study was to describe medical patients identified using a recently published and validated algorithm (the LACE index) as being at high risk for readmission and to examine(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the frequency of cholinesterase inhibitor (ChEI) use in nursing home (NH) residents with dementia and examine correlates of ChEI use in this population. DESIGN Cross-sectional study using the 2004 National Nursing Home Survey (NNHS). SETTING A representative, stratified, random sample of U.S. NHs. PARTICIPANTS All NNHS(More)
PURPOSE There is substantial evidence that women with schizophrenia in many parts of the world have fewer children than their peers. Our objective was to analyze recent trends in general and age-specific fertility rates among women with schizophrenia in Ontario, Canada. METHODS We conducted a repeated cross-sectional population-based study from 1996 to(More)
BACKGROUND Home care is integral to enabling older adults to delay or avoid long-term care (LTC) admission. To date, there is little population-based data about gender differences in home care users and their subsequent outcomes. Our objectives were to quantify differences between women and men who used home care in Ontario, Canada and to determine if there(More)
Clinical outcomes after a hospital discharge are poorly defined for patients receiving maintenance in-center (outpatient) hemodialysis. To describe the proportion and characteristics of these patients who are rehospitalized, visit an emergency department, or die within 30 days after discharge from an acute hospitalization, we conducted a population-based(More)