Andrea Groβ

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The accumulating-type (or integrating-type) NO(x) sensor principle offers two operation modes to measure low levels of NO(x): The direct signal gives the total amount dosed over a time interval and its derivative the instantaneous concentration. With a linear sensor response, no baseline drift, and both response times and recovery times in the range of the(More)
A novel and promising method to measure low levels of NO x utilizes the accumulating sensor principle. During an integration cycle, incoming NO x molecules are stored in a sensitive layer based on an automotive lean NO x trap (LNT) material that changes its electrical resistivity proportional to the amount of stored NO x , making the sensor suitable for(More)
We have recently designed a soluble synthetic peptide that functionally mimics the HIV-1 coreceptor CXCR4, which is a chemokine receptor that belongs to the family of seven-transmembrane GPCRs. This CXCR4 mimetic peptide, termed CX4-M1, presents the three extracellular loops (ECLs) of the receptor. In binding assays involving recombinant proteins, as well(More)
The design and generation of molecules capable of mimicking the binding and/or functional sites of proteins represents a promising strategy for the exploration and modulation of protein function through controlled interference with the underlying molecular interactions. Synthetic peptides have proven an excellent type of molecule for the mimicry of protein(More)
An impedimetric NOx dosimeter based on the NOx sorption material KMnO4 is proposed. In addition to its application as a low level NOx dosimeter, KMnO4 shows potential as a precious metal free lean NOx trap material (LNT) for NOx storage catalysts (NSC) enabling electrical in-situ diagnostics. With this dosimeter, low levels of NO and NO2 exposure can be(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract: An impedimetric NO x dosimeter based on the NO x sorption material KMnO 4 is proposed. In addition to its application as a low level NO x dosimeter, KMnO 4 shows potential as a precious metal free lean NO x trap material (LNT) for(More)
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