Andrea Grill

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Maculinea butterflies obligatory parasitize certain species of Myrmica ants. Thus, the presence of the host ant species is a limiting factor for the survival of a Maculinea population. Here, we analyse the influence of vegetation structure and ground temperature on ant diversity and abundance on Maculinea habitats, with the final aim of identifying the(More)
The red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is a well-known forest animal distributed all over Europe. Still, we are far from having a firm knowledge of the species' phylogeography. This study investigates the genetic differentiation of S. vulgaris across the species' Eurasian range, using sequence data from the mitochondrial DNA gene (D-loop, 252 base pairs,(More)
Butterfly, spider, and plant species richness and diversity were investigated in five different land-use types in Sardinia. In 16 one-hectare plots we measured a set of 15 environmental variables to detect the most important factors determining patterns of variation in species richness, particularly endemicity. The studied land-use types encompassed(More)
Dispersal is a crucial feature for the long-term survival of metapopulations. Each individual that leaves the habitat and enters the matrix takes a risk. Consequently, even winged organisms, like butterflies, are often extremely sedentary and spend much of their lifetime in very restricted areas. For such species, large roads may be a serious obstacle for(More)
The use of DNA sequence data often leads to the recognition of cryptic species within putatively well-known taxa. The opposite case, detecting less diversity than originally described, has, however, far more rarely been documented. Maniola jurtina, the Meadow Brown butterfly, occurs all over Europe, whereas all other six species in the genus Maniola are(More)
In butterflies, life span often increases only at the expense of fecundity. Prolonged life span, on the other hand, provides more opportunities for oviposition. Here, we studied the association between life span and summer dormancy in two closely related species of Palearctic Meadow Brown butterflies, the endemic Maniola nurag and the widespread M. jurtina,(More)
The European protected-area network will cease to be efficient for biodiversity conservation, particularly in the Mediterranean region, if species are driven out of protected areas by climate warming. Yet, no empirical evidence of how climate change influences ecological communities in Mediterranean nature reserves really exists. Here, we examine long-term(More)
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