Andrea Gonnermann

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Human adenovirus (HAdV) infection after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is associated with significant morbidity and mortality in children. The optimal surveillance and treatment strategies are under discussion. Here, we present data from 238 consecutive pediatric allogeneic HSCT recipients who underwent transplantation in a single center who(More)
Meta-analysis plays an important role in the analysis and interpretation of clinical trials in medicine and of trials in the social sciences but is of importance in other fields (e.g., particle physics [1]) as well. In 2001, Hartung andKnapp [2,3] introduced a new approach to test for a nonzero treatment effect in ametaanalysis of k studies. Hartung and(More)
UNLABELLED Although sofosbuvir has been approved for patients with genotypes 2/3 (G2/3), many parts of the world still consider pegylated Interferon alpha (P) and ribavirin (R) as standard of care for G2/3. Patients with rapid virological response (RVR) show response rates >80%. However, SVR (sustained virological response) in non-RVR patients is not(More)
Evidence based recommendations can significantly aid decision processes in medicine and mobile apps are starting to enter this domain. Considering the rapid access to and quick processing of information made possible by such apps, it is especially important to ensure the quality and structure of the provided data and to also keep the limitations of the(More)
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