Andrea Gomes Campos Bianchi

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One potential solution to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the geologic storage of captured CO2 in underground rock formations, also known as carbon sequestration. There is ongoing research to guarantee that this process is both efficient and safe. We describe tools that provide measurements of media porosity, and permeability(More)
A careful comparison of three numeric techniques for estimation of the curvature along spatially quantized contours is reported. Two of the considered techniques are based on the Fourier transform (operating over 1D and 2D signals) and Gaussian regularization required to attenuate the spatial quantization noise. While the 1D approach has been reported(More)
A powerful framework for the representation, characterization and analysis of two-dimensional shapes, with special attention given to neurons, is presented. This framework is based on a recently reported approach to scale space skeletonization and respective reconstructions by using label propagation and the exact distance transform. This methodology allows(More)
A century of traditional vaccinology lost the fight against meningococcus serogroup B (MenB). However, thanks to an innovative genome-based approach, the first broadly effective MenB vaccine, Bexsero® (GSK Vaccines), was developed and has been licensed for use in various age groups by the European Commission and other regulatory authorities. Genes encoding(More)
This paper presents a mathematical formulation of neural shape changes. The dynamics of the model for the evolution of the elastic cell membrane is based on a system of coupled springs under the action of internal and external forces, based on the biology of neural development and growth. Although this article presents a simple implementation, improvements(More)
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