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3D registration by textured spin-images
This work is motivated by the desire of exploiting for 3D registration purposes the photometric information current range cameras typically associate to range data. Automatic pairwise 3D registrationExpand
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Accounting and power: evidence from the fourteenth century
During the past few years research on cultural, behavioural and social aspects of organizational activities and interactions have proliferated considerably in the accounting literature, therebyExpand
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Development of Serotonergic Fibers in the Post-Natal Mouse Brain
Serotonin (5-HT)-synthetizing neurons, which are confined in the raphe nuclei of the rhombencephalon, provide a pervasive innervation of the central nervous system (CNS) and are involved in theExpand
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Brain-wide Mapping of Endogenous Serotonergic Transmission via Chemogenetic fMRI.
Serotonin-producing neurons profusely innervate brain regions via long-range projections. However, it remains unclear whether and how endogenous serotonergic transmission specifically influencesExpand
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Serotonergic Signaling Controls Input-Specific Synaptic Plasticity at Striatal Circuits
Monoaminergic modulation of cortical and thalamic inputs to the dorsal striatum (DS) is crucial for reward-based learning and action control. While dopamine has been extensively investigated in thisExpand
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Serotonin depletion causes valproate-responsive manic-like condition and increased hippocampal neuroplasticity that are reversed by stress
Abnormal hippocampal neural plasticity has been implicated in behavioural abnormalities and complex neuropsychiatric conditions, including bipolar disorder (BD). However, the determinants of thisExpand
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Serotonin buffers hippocampal neuroplasticity and emotional behavior
Adaptation to environmental insults is an evolutionary mechanism essential for survival. The hippocampus participates in controlling adaptive responses to stress and emotional state through theExpand
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