Andrea Gerhardinger

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This paper evaluates an inductive learning approach classification technique for vehicle detection and enumeration on very high resolution imagery. It tests pre-processing procedures applied to different images in with different atmospheric conditions and automatic detection algorithms for detection and enumeration. This work contributes to the longer term(More)
Roofless buildings are encountered in case of conflict and disasters as well as construction sites. A methodology for characterizing and counting roofless buildings in Very High Resolution optical images is presented. Using morphological transform to extract specific image components, the proposed method spatially aggregates them in a fuzzy logic framework.(More)
The results shown in this paper highlights the usefulness of a recently proposed index to extract hints of built-up areas in remotely sensed images. The novelty of this work is in the application of the approach to a very different data set than the one for which the index was originally developed, i.e. SAR instead of optical data. Due to the different(More)
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