Andrea Genovese

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Supplier evaluation has assumed a strategic role in determining competitiveness of large manufacturing companies. An increasing number of researches have been devoted to the development of different kind of methodologies to cope with this problem. Nevertheless, while the number of applications is growing, there is little empirical evidence of the practical(More)
In the contemporary global market, supplier selection represents a crucial process for enhancing firms’ competitiveness. In firms operating in low-complexity sectors, supplier selection generally leverages on few significant variables (price, delivery time, quality) and it is often left to the buyers’ experience. On the other hand, in industries(More)
The Interaural Time Difference is one of the primary localization cues for 3D sound. However, due to differences in head and ear anthropometry across the population, ITDs related to a sound source at a given location around the head will differ from subject to subject. Furthermore, most individuals do not possess symmetrical traits between the left and(More)