Andrea Gasparetto

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The analysis of deformable 3D shape is often cast in terms of the shape's intrinsic geometry due to its invariance to a wide range of non-rigid deformations. However, object's plasticity in non-rigid transformation often result in transformations that are not completely isometric in the surface's geometry and whose mode of deviation from isometry is an(More)
Kernel methods provide a convenient way to apply a wide range of learning techniques to complex and structured data by shifting the representational problem from one of finding an embedding of the data to that of defining a positive semidefinite kernel. One problem with the most widely used kernels is that they neglect the locational information within the(More)
Precision agriculture has been increasingly recognized for its potential ability to improve agricultural productivity, reduce production cost, and minimize damage to the environment. In this work, the current stage of our research in developing a mobile platform equipped with different sensors for orchard monitoring and sensing is presented. In particular,(More)
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