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The Chain Reaction Between the Media and Sport. The Impact of Rule Changes in Handball
Abstract A long, historical cooperation exists between sport and the media. The media can lift up the profile of a sport, and sport provides a marketable topic/product to talk about. Rules have beenExpand
Rhythmic Gymnastics vs. Boxing: Gender Stereotypes From the Two Poles of Female Sport
Abstract In recent decades, women have begun to take up types of physical activity traditionally considered masculine. They appeared in previously one-gender team sports such as football or waterExpand
From Grass Roots to World Class (A Strategy for Delivering Physical Activity)
From Grass Roots to World Class (A Strategy for Delivering Physical Activity) During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Hungarian sports team's performance was worse than expected by most of theExpand
New Challenges, Old Answers in Hungarian Sport:The Case of Talent Management
Abstract In the bipolar world, sport (and within this, elite sport) was devoted special emphasis primarily due to the rivalry between the two sides through their sports results. However, after theExpand
Grassroots Consumption: Ontario Farm Families’ Consumption Practices, 1900-45
Popular culture and academic perceptions typically view farmers of the past in one of two ways. On the one hand, we tend to emphasize their roles as producers of agricultural commodities, andExpand
Co-operative Consuming: Ontario Beef Rings, 1899-1945
While Canadian historians are increasingly examining consumption practices and patterns, their work generally focuses on urban areas. Rural Canadians, however, continued to account for a significantExpand
Social status of Hungarian (sports) women before and after the 1989-1990 political system change
Abstract Since the change in the Hungarian political system in 1989-1990, many different articles have been written about the position of Hungarian women, but there appear to be few studies focusingExpand
The Involvement of Budapest Residents with Visual Impairments in Leisure Sports: Barriers and Facilitators
Abstract Since the political and economic changes that occurred in 1989-1990, Hungary has been in a state of transition from a socialist regime to a democratic culture. In an effort to comply withExpand