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—To maximize the energy efficiency of packet networks, energy use in network equipment should scale rigorously with the traffic load. Rate adaptation is gaining popularity as a promising framework for achieving energy proportionality in the data-path components of routers and switches, but a thorough characterization of its energy-saving capabilities and(More)
A smartphone can be configured to look like any Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripheral and can be managed remotely through its wireless data connection. By virtue of these features, smartphones are ideal vehicles for the delivery of a variety of brand-new, USB-powered services that support the management and troubleshooting of mobile laptops. We provide(More)
—In small cell-based Internet protocol routers, multi-cast traffic is generally handled by appending to each cell a local multicast label (LML) containing a bitmap with as many bits as switch ports, so as to identify the ports to which a copy of the cell has to be transferred. This approach is not feasible for switches having 128 ports or more, because the(More)