Andrea Francini

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The continuous growth in the demand for diversified quality-of-service (QoS) guarantees in broad band networks introduces new challenges in the design of packet switches that scale to large switching capacities. Packet scheduling is the most critical function involved in the provision of individual bandwidth and delay guarantees to the switched flows. Most(More)
To maximize the energy efficiency of packet networks, energy use in network equipment should scale rigorously with the traffic load. Rate adaptation is gaining popularity as a promising framework for achieving energy proportionality in the data-path components of routers and switches, but a thorough characterization of its energy-saving capabilities and(More)
A smartphone can be configured to look like any Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripheral and can be managed remotely through its wireless data connection. By virtue of these features, smartphones are ideal vehicles for the delivery of a variety of brand-new, USB-powered services that support the management and troubleshooting of mobile laptops. We provide(More)
The Protocol-Independent ( ) family of ASIC devices, which we present in this paper, allows to build cost-effective IP routers and ATM switches capable of providing sophisticated Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarantees in the form of throughput, delay, and jitter to individual flows or to aggregation of flows. The new chipset, which represents the evolution of(More)