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Excessive vascular tone and overresponsiveness to adrenergic stimuli characterize the hemodynamics of the greater and the lesser circulation in hypertension. We tested whether calcium entry blockade with verapamil (11 cases) or nifedipine (11 cases) may improve the vascular regulation in high blood pressure. Mental arithmetic and cold were used as(More)
Nb and N codoped TiO2s are outstandingly versatile semiconductor oxides. Their high conductivity makes them valid alternatives to commercially available, but very expensive, conductive oxides. They show increased photonic efficiencies compared to the cases of solely Nb or N doped TiO2, when used as visible light sensitised photocatalysts. Furthermore, they(More)
PURPOSE In 24 patients with stable spontaneous and effort-related angina, ischemic episodes at rest were not preceded by changes in circulatory variables (heart rate, systemic and pulmonary arterial pressures) that may raise the myocardial oxygen consumption. We interpreted these episodes as caused by critical and reversible coronary flow reduction at the(More)
Potassium graphite reduction of the half-sandwich Ni(II) ring-expanded diamino/diamidocarbene complexes CpNi(RE-NHC)Br gave the Ni(I) derivatives CpNi(RE-NHC) (where RE-NHC = 6-Mes (1), 7-Mes (2), 6-MesDAC (3)) in yields of 40%-50%. The electronic structures of paramagnetic 1-3 were investigated by CW X-/Q-band electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and(More)
Latitudes and Seasons. Where and When Does TiO2 Really Work? A significant efforts are made worldwide toward developing increasingly better performing solar-lightresponsive materials, one of the greatest remaining challenges for some solar technologies lies in the nature of the sunlight itself as it is received at the Earth’s surface. This is particularly(More)
The interaction of imidazole with a [Cu(acac)2] complex was studied using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR), hyperfine sublevel correlation spectroscopy (HYSCORE), and density functional theory (DFT). At low Im ratios (Cu:Im 1:10), a 5-coordinate [Cu(acac)2Imn=1] monoadduct is formed in frozen solution with the(More)
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