Andrea Felser

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Polyadenylation has well characterised roles in RNA turnover and translation in a variety of biological systems. While polyadenylation on mitochondrial transcripts has been suggested to be a two-step process required to complete translational stop codons, its involvement in mitochondrial RNA turnover is less well understood. We studied knockdown and(More)
Dronedarone is a new antiarrhythmic drug with an amiodarone-like benzofuran structure. Shortly after its introduction, dronedarone became implicated in causing severe liver injury. Amiodarone is a well-known mitochondrial toxicant. The aim of our study was to investigate mechanisms of hepatotoxicity of dronedarone in vitro and to compare them with(More)
BACKGROUND Coenzyme Q is an essential mitochondrial electron carrier, redox cofactor and a potent antioxidant in the majority of cellular membranes. Coenzyme Q deficiency has been associated with a range of metabolic diseases, as well as with some drug treatments and ageing. METHODS We used whole exome sequencing (WES) to investigate patients with(More)
PURPOSE The effects of carnitine depletion upon exercise performance and skeletal muscle mitochondrial function remain largely unexplored. We therefore investigated the effect of N-trimethyl-hydrazine-3-propionate (THP), a carnitine analog inhibiting carnitine biosynthesis and renal carnitine reabsorption, on physical performance and skeletal muscle(More)
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