Andrea Farnetani

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In order to obtain an effective speech communication in rooms it is advisable, besides reaching the full intelligibility of words, to minimize the effort paid by the listener in the recognition of the speech material. This twofold requirement is not easily described by the current room acoustic indicators, which are mainly concerned either with a subjective(More)
The interplay of architecture and acoustics is remarkable in ancient Greek and Roman theaters. Frequently they are nowadays lively performance spaces and the knowledge of the sound field inside them is still an issue of relevant importance. Even if the transition from Greek to Roman theaters can be described with a great architectural detail, a(More)
This study aimed to assess the performance of a “Silent” zero time of echo (ZTE) sequence for T1-weighted brain imaging using a 7 T MRI system. The Silent sequence was evaluated qualitatively by two neuroradiologists, as well as quantitatively in terms of tissue contrast, homogeneity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and acoustic noise. It was compared to(More)
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