Andrea Emmi Bialocerkowski

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This review synthesized current research evidence on the prevalence, risk factors, and natural history of positional plagiocephaly. Research published between 1985 and 2007 was sourced from 13 databases. Evidence was categorized according to a hierarchy and rated on a standardized critical appraisal tool. These evaluations were incorporated into a narrative(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the evidence for patellar taping and bracing in the management of chronic knee pain. METHODS Randomized or quasi-randomized studies assessing patellar taping or bracing effects on chronic knee pain were sourced from 7 electronic databases (to November 2006), and assessed using the Physiotherapy Evidence Database scale. Weighted mean(More)
OBJECTIVE To source and critically evaluate the evidence on the effectiveness of Physiotherapy to manage adult CRPS-1. DESIGN Systematic literature review. METHODS Electronic databases, conference proceedings, clinical guidelines and text books were searched for quantitative studies on CRPS-1 in adults where Physiotherapy was a sole or significant(More)
BACKGROUND The current investigation examined the inter- and intra-tester reliability of knee joint angle measurements using a flexible Penny and Giles Biometric electrogoniometer. The clinical utility of electrogoniometry was also addressed. METHODS The first study examined the inter- and intra-tester reliability of measurements of knee joint angles in(More)
BACKGROUND Consumers of research (researchers, administrators, educators and clinicians) frequently use standard critical appraisal tools to evaluate the quality of published research reports. However, there is no consensus regarding the most appropriate critical appraisal tool for allied health research. We summarized the content, intent, construction and(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the range of functional difficulties and compensatory mechanisms reported by individuals with a wrist disorder, to provide a basis for development of a patient-focused outcome instrument. DESIGN Descriptive study using a qualitative, interview-based framework. SETTING/SUBJECTS A volunteer sample of individuals, who were diagnosed(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of Pilates exercise in people with chronic low back pain (CLBP) through a systematic review of randomised controlled trials (RCTs). DATA SOURCES A search for RCTs was undertaken using Medical Search Terms and synonyms for "Pilates" and "low back pain" within the maximal date range of 10 databases. Databases included(More)
This review aimed to synthesize current research evidence to determine the effectiveness of conservative interventions for infants with positional plagiocephaly. A systematic review was conducted, where papers were sourced from 13 library and internet databases. Research was included if published in English between 1983 and 2003. Level of evidence and(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to identify and synthesize the hospital discharge criteria that have been used in the colorectal surgery literature. METHODS A systematic literature search was conducted using eight bibliographic databases. Searches were limited to English language journal articles published between January 1996 and October 2009. Primary(More)