Andrea Eisinger

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Due to the problems of measurement and the lack of nationally representative data, the extent of compulsive buying behaviour (CBB) is relatively unknown. The validity of three different instruments was tested: Edwards Compulsive Buying Scale (ECBS; Edwards, E.A., 1993. Development of a new scale for measuring compulsive buying behaviour. Financial(More)
Sworn, M. J., and Eisinger, A. J. (1972). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 47,278. Medullary cystic disease and juvenile nephronophthisis in separate members of the same family. The clinical and pathological findings in three sibs dying in renal failure at 9, 15, and 21 years of age respectively are presented. The three sibs showed a similar clinical(More)
Percutaneous peritoneal dialysis catheter (PDC) placement is a well-tolerated, rapidly performed side-room procedure that allows the rapid initiation of dialysis without the delay imposed in co-ordinating a surgeon, theatre time, and theatre staff. We retrospectively reviewed the clinical outcome of 230 PDC inserted over a 30-month period. Fifty were placed(More)