Andrea Eisinger

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Seattle Partners, an Urban Research Center (URC) funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a partnership of community agency representatives, community activists, public health professionals, academics, and health care providers whose mission is to improve the health of urban Seattle, Washington, communities by conducting(More)
Due to the problems of measurement and the lack of nationally representative data, the extent of compulsive buying behaviour (CBB) is relatively unknown. The validity of three different instruments was tested: Edwards Compulsive Buying Scale (ECBS; Edwards, E.A., 1993. Development of a new scale for measuring compulsive buying behaviour. Financial(More)
The Iowa Gambling Task is a behavioral measurement which was developed to examine decision-making based on the Somatic Marker Hypothesis. Participants have to make series of choices altogether 100 times from four decks of cards. The decks have different characteristics with regards to gains and losses. After the initial analyses - with a focus on patients(More)
AIM The aim of our study was to analyze psychometric properties of the Cannabis Abuse Screening Test (CAST). METHODS Our sample comprised Hungarian high school (n = 476; male 56.3%; mean age 19.0 years, SD = 0.65 years) and college students (n = 439; male 65.1%; mean age 23.9 years, SD = 1.56 years) who reported cannabis use in the past year. The sample(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The growing availability of gambling is accompanied by the increased level of gambling related problems. As result, reliable and valid measurement tools that could quickly identify problem/pathological gambling are necessary. The goal of the study was the psychometric evaluation of the Hungarian version of Problem Gambling Severity Index(More)
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