Andrea Eisenberg

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A great earthquake (surface-wave magnitude, 7.8) occurred along the coast of central Chile on 3 March 1985, causing heavy damage to coastal towns. Intense foreshock activity near the epicenter of the main shock occurred for 11 days before the earthquake. The aftershocks of the 1985 earthquake define a rupture area of 170 by 110 square kilometers. The(More)
The observation by transmission electron microscopy of six different stable aggregate morphologies is reported for the same family of highly asymmetric polystyrene-poly-(acrylic acid) block copolymers prepared in a low molecular weight solvent system. Four of the morphologies consist of spheres, rods, lamellae, and vesicles in aqueous solution, whereas the(More)
The dopaminergic system, and in particular the dopamine D2 receptor, has been implicated in reward mechanisms in the brain. Dysfunction of the D2 dopamine receptors leads to aberrant substance-seeking behaviors (ethanol, drugs, tobacco, and food) and other related behaviors (pathological gambling, Tourette's disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity(More)
OBJECTIVE This naturalistic study aimed to identify criteria which are of relevance for making a decision as to whether inpatient or day hospital treatment is indicated. METHODS In 567 patients who were consecutively admitted to 10 departments of psychosomatic medicine (day hospital or inpatient setting) in Germany, symptom severity at admission and(More)
Aim of the "DINSTAP"-study is to identify criteria that are of importance for a decision between inpatient or day clinic treatment in patients that are usually admitted to psychosomatic clinics in Germany. 299 inpatient and 268 day clinic treatment episodes from 10 clinics were included in the study. Next to basic data and diagnosis, severity of symptoms(More)
When a forensic DNA sample cannot be associated directly with a previously genotyped reference sample by standard short tandem repeat profiling, the investigation required for identifying perpetrators, victims, or missing persons can be both costly and time consuming. Here, we describe the outcome of a collaborative study using the Identitas Version 1 (v1)(More)
  • T M Ghanem, W G Aref, A K Elmagarmid, M Mani, S Wang, D Dougherty +143 others
  • 2006
note: With the exception of the last pages –which would be the back cover of the printed issue– that are not included in this file, it has the same contents as the printed edition. All the articles are also available individually online and have been put together here for convenience only.] SIGMOD Record SIGMOD Record is a quarterly publication of the(More)
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