Andrea Edit Pap

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In our previous study, the refractive indices of freestanding porous silicon (PS) layers were derived using the envelope method, where the computation is based on the values of local minima and maxima in the oscillations of transmission spectra. In the present work, an improved procedure for calculating the optical parameters from the measurements data is(More)
Intravascular fibrin clots are resolved by plasmin acting at the interface of gel phasesubstrate and fluid-borne enzyme. The classic Michaelis.Menten kinetic scheme cannot describe satisfactorily this heterogeneous-phase proteolysis because it assumes homogeneous well-mixed conditions. A more suitable model for these spatial constraints,known as fractal(More)
Memory structures with an embedded sheet of separated Si nanocrystals were prepared by low pressure chemical vapour deposition using a Si3N4 control layer and different Si2O2 or Si3N4 tunnel layers. It was obtained that Si nanocrystals improve the charging behaviour of the MNOS structures. Memory window width of 1.3 V and 2.0 V were obtained for pulse(More)
Downsizing efforts in gas-sensing applications lead to ever smaller active elements. Integration with data processing circuitry requires the use of CMOS compatible fabrication technology, autonomous operation poses limits on energy consumption of the elements, whereas reliable catalytic detection often needs high temperatures that may otherwise be(More)
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