Andrea E. Wishart

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Copy number variation is an important dimension of genetic diversity and has implications in development and disease. As an important model organism, the mouse is a prime candidate for copy number variant (CNV) characterization, but this has yet to be completed for a large sample size. Here we report CNV analysis of publicly available, high-density(More)
Studies involving the analysis of structural variation including Copy Number Variation (CNV) have recently exploded in the literature. Furthermore, CNVs have been associated with a number of complex diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders. Common methods for CNV detection use SNP, CNV, or CGH arrays, where the signal intensities of consecutive probes are(More)
The importance of understanding the effects of radiation exposure on wildlife is a critical responsibility of our stewardship of nuclear energy production. We tested the hypothesis that songbirds respond to exogenous radiation exposure with changes in plasma 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OH-dG). We exposed two species of songbirds, house sparrows (Passer(More)
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