Andrea Di Matteo

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We present the science and technology roadmap for graphene, related two-dimensional crystals, and hybrid systems, targeting an evolution in technology, that might lead to impacts and benefits reaching into most areas of society. This roadmap was developed within the framework of the European Graphene Flagship and outlines the main targets and research areas(More)
AIM To evaluate whether the histology and grading of solitary pulmonary nodules (SPNs) correlated with the results of dynamic multiphase multidetector CT (MDCT) and the [(18)F]fluorodeoxyglucose standardised uptake value (SUV) in 30 patients. METHODS Chest x-rays of 270 patients with incidentally detected SPNs were retrospectively evaluated. Thirty(More)
The method of re-introducing atomistic detail into a coarse-grained polymer structure, so-called backmapping, is extended to a nonequilibrium situation. Problems in backmapping coarse-grained polymer models, on which a nonequilibrium shear flow has been imposed, are discussed. A backmapping protocol, where the globally deformed conformations are maintained(More)
To have access to central vein, for the infant in NICU,often have a role, for their, life-preserving. The increase of survival in the VLBW, and specially in the ELBW,is guaranteed, in the first days of the life also by a safe vascular access, in fact we can, in this way, to supply with parenteral nutrition to all the requirements that these special patients(More)
A Grand Canonical Monte Carlo scheme, based on united events combining protonation/deprotonation and insertion/deletion of HCl molecules is proposed for the generation of polyaniline structures at intermediate doping levels between 0% (PANI EB) and 100% (PANI ES). A procedure based on this scheme and subsequent structure relaxations using molecular dynamics(More)
Microneedles are largely applied in biomedicine, both in diagnostics and therapeutics, since they can be considered the perfect interface between patient and sensing/dispensing devices. In this paper, we present an electro-chemical biosensor based on polymeric microneedles array for the measure of glucose level in interstitial fluids. The microneedles array(More)
By combining ab initio all-electron localized orbital and pseudopotential plane-wave approaches we report on calculations of the electron affinity (EA) and the ionization potential (IP) of (5, 5) and (7, 0) single-wall carbon nanotubes. The role played by finite-size effects and nanotube termination has been analysed by comparing several hydrogen-passivated(More)
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