Andrea De Maria

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Several studies demonstrated a relevant role of polymorphisms located within the HLA-B and -C loci and the Killer Immunoglobulin Receptors (KIRs) 3DL1 and 3DS1 in controlling HIV-1 replication. KIRs are regulatory receptors expressed at the surface of NK and CD8+ T-cells that specifically bind HLA-A and -B alleles belonging to the Bw4 supratype and all the(More)
Although natural killer (NK) cells are endowed with powerful cytolytic activity against cancer cells, their role in different therapies against solid tumors has not yet been fully elucidated. Their interactions with various elements of the tumor microenvironment as well as their possible effects in contributing to and/or limiting oncolytic virotherapy(More)
C himpanzees (Pan troglodytes), the closest living relatives of humans (1), are the reservoirs of SIVcpz, the lentivirus most closely related to HIV-1 groups M (pandemic in humans) and N (2). Unlike other primate species, chimpanzees are able to support a persistent infection of specific isolates of HIV-1. Contrary to HIV-1-infected humans, however, they(More)
Sir, Two recent reports have drawn attention to the clinical presentation of neurosyphilis with polyradiculoneuropathy and paraparesis occurring immediately after a typical diffuse maculopapular rash in two patients [1, 2]. We here describe a case of syphilitic polyradiculoneuropathy with subacute paraparesis without prior cutaneous lesions, mimicking the(More)
Report of 107 cases of primary transportation in ambulances especially equipped for coronary patients monitoring. The various delays of admission were studied and the complications occuring during transportation were analyzed, together with the various therapeutic methods applied. On the basis of this personal experience, and to attempt at diminishing the(More)
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