Andrea Dannemann

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In scientific literature there is a wealth of information about the ecological and life-history traits of plant species. This information would be very valuable for a functional analysis of the response of species and communities to environmental changes and subsequent vulnerability/viability analysis or predictive modelling. However, the information is(More)
The influence of temperature treatment before or after irradiation on the radiation damage of plastic scintillators and wavelength shifters has been measured. The PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)-based wavelength shifters show strong recovery for heating in argon after irradiation, whereas the polystyrene-based scintillator SCSN-38 in air suffers from heating(More)
The radiation stabilities of polystyrene based scintillator SCSN38 and polymethyl-methacrylate based wavelength shifter Y-7 have been investigated. Data are presented on the dependence of the optical damage on dose, dose rate and type of radiation, or neutrons. A computer program has been developed which predicts the innuence of radiation elds on(More)
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