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In this paper, we present T2K 2 , a suite of tools for automatically extracting domain–specific knowledge from collections of Italian and English texts. T2K 2 (Text–To–Knowledge v2) relies on a battery of tools for Natural Language Processing (NLP), statistical text analysis and machine learning which are dynamically integrated to provide an accurate and(More)
The paper investigates the problem of sentence readability assessment, which is modelled as a classification task, with a specific view to text simplification. In particular , it addresses two open issues connected with it, i.e. the corpora to be used for training, and the identification of the most effective features to determine sentence readability. An(More)
In this paper, we describe our approach to native language identification and discuss the results we submitted as participants to the First NLI Shared Task. By resorting to a wide set of general–purpose features qualifying the lexical and grammatical structure of a text, rather than to ad hoc features specifically selected for the NLI task, we achieved(More)
This work focuses on the analysis of Italian social media messages for disaster management and aims at the detection of messages carrying critical information for the damage assessment task. A main novelty of this study consists in the focus on out-domain and cross-event damage detection, and on the investigation of the most relevant tweet-derived features(More)
Recent disasters demonstrated the central role of social media during emergencies thus motivating the exploitation of such data for crisis mapping. We propose a crisis mapping system that addresses limitations of current state-of-the-art approaches by analyzing the textual content of disaster reports from a twofold perspective. A damage detection component(More)
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