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Commercial ultrasound (US) equipment, although widely employed in diagnostic applications, is not suitable for the development and test of new investigation methods. Their typical architecture, designed for clinical use, is often "closed" and does not fit the requirements of flexibility, data access, programmability, which are necessary for the(More)
A statistical survey has been carried out on the incidence of caries in the population of Sardinia. It is shown that the DMF index has grown steadily from 2.6 among the young (0-12 year old) to 13.07 in the group aged between 20.1 and 30. The socioeconomic changes of the past thirty years in Sardinia are looked at in an attempt to explain this phenomenon.
High frequency ultrasound systems capable of high spatial resolution are commonly used for small biological structures imaging and non-destructive testing. For transducers operating around 50MHz central frequency, excitation pulses with amplitude of several tens of Volts and 100V/ns slew rate are needed. Different solutions have been proposed to isolate the(More)
Ultrasound (US) Doppler systems are routinely used for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Depending on the application, either single tone bursts or more complex waveforms are periodically transmitted throughout a piezoelectric transducer towards the region of interest. Extraction of Doppler information from echoes backscattered from moving blood(More)
The authors review the literature on phenolic derivatives, a widely used compound antiseptic for intermediate endodontic medication. There is interest in these substances owing to the frequency of their clinical application in order to maintain the antiseptic conditions obtained during the course of the chemico-mechanical preparation of the radicular canal.
In order to get success in pedodontic activity fundamental qualifications are knowledge of young patient and comprehension of his eventual problems. In fact personal character, age and then mature level and ambient influences due to education affect children's manners. The A.A., on the basis of personal experiences, value salient characteristics of(More)