Andrea Carlson Gielen

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BACKGROUND Domestic violence results in long-term and immediate health problems. This study compared selected physical health problems of abused and never abused women with similar access to health care. METHODS A case-control study of enrollees in a multisite metropolitan health maintenance organization sampled 2535 women enrollees aged 21 to 55 years(More)
The purpose of this paper is to review the available literature on the intersections between HIV and violence and present an agenda for future research to guide policy and programs. This paper aims to answer four questions: (1) How does forced sex affect women's risk for HIV infection? (2) How do violence and threats of violence affect women's ability to(More)
Objectives: This research addresses four questions: (1) What role do health care providers play in women's disclosure to others of their HIV-positive status? (2) What are women's concerns and experiences with disclosure? (3) What violence do women living with HIV experience? (4) How is the violence related to their diagnosis and disclosures? Methods:(More)
This paper describes the relationship between psychosocial factors and health related quality of life among 287 HIV-positive women using items from the Medical Outcomes Study HIV Health Survey to measure physical functioning, mental health and overall quality of life. Multivariate models tested the relative importance of sociodemographic characteristics,(More)
Women represent an increasing proportion of AIDS cases and anecdotal reports suggest some face substantial risks when others learn they are HIV-positive. The purpose of this paper is to describe women's fears and experiences regarding disclosure of their HIV status. Fifty HIV-positive women, ages 16-45 from urban teaching hospital outpatient clinics, were(More)
Although women had been under recognized in the literature on HIV/AIDS, increasing numbers of studies have focused on the lives and experiences of women living with HIV/AIDS. Areas of research in which the study of women and HIV continues to be noticeably lacking include health related quality of life (HRQOL). This paper describes HRQOL in an inner city(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the application of the transtheoretical model (TM) to women's experiences of ending intimate partner violence (IPV). METHODS Qualitative interviews were conducted with 23 abused women. RESULTS Women use 7 traditional processes of change. Women in early stages of change use cognitive processes. Women in later stages use behavioral(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this paper is to describe women's opinions and policy preferences concerning domestic violence screening and mandatory reporting. METHODS This case-control study included 202 abused women and 240 randomly selected non-abused women recruited from a large metropolitan health maintenance organization who were interviewed by(More)
OBJECTIVE To increase knowledge of the diversity and specificity of sustained attention deficits in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with special reference to the issue of distinguishing between children with ADHD and children with other psychiatric diagnoses. METHOD A visual sustained attention task was used to compare 52(More)
In this article, the authors introduce concept mapping as a useful participatory research method for public health researchers interested in generating hypotheses and developing theory. The authors first provide an overview of concept mapping, which combines qualitative approaches with quantitative analytical tools to produce visual displays of the(More)