Andrea Carlson Gielen

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In this article, the authors introduce concept mapping as a useful participatory research method for public health researchers interested in generating hypotheses and developing theory. The authors first provide an overview of concept mapping, which combines qualitative approaches with quantitative analytical tools to produce visual displays of the(More)
Bromocriptine, a dopamine receptor agonist, was administered to 20 patients with idiopathic parkinsonism taking levodopa (L-dopa) or "Sinemet" (levodopa combined with carbidopa in a 10/1 ratio) at optimum doses. In a double-blind randomised cross-over study lasting 6 months, the addition of bromocriptine (mean daily dose 79 mg) led to a significant (P less(More)
Behavioral and social sciences theories and models have the potential to enhance efforts to reduce unintentional injuries. The authors reviewed the published literature on behavioral and social science theory applications to unintentional injury problems to enumerate and categorize the ways different theories and models are used in injury prevention(More)
Modern technological advances have decreased the incidence and severity of burn injuries, and medical care improvements of burn injuries have significantly increased survival rates, particularly in developed countries. Still, fire-related burn injuries are responsible for 300,000 deaths and 10 million disability-adjusted life years lost annually worldwide.(More)
Youth violence is a significant public health problem. Although the relationship between neighborhood-level factors and urban youth violence is recognized, the specific mechanisms of this relationship are often unclear. Prominent neighborhood individuals were identified within four select low-income urban neighborhoods in Baltimore City. In-depth interviews(More)
BACKGROUND Prompted by a series of fatal and nonfatal pedestrian-vehicle collisions, university leadership from one urban institution collaborated with its academic injury research center to investigate traffic-related hazards facing pedestrians. METHODS This descriptive epidemiologic study used multiple data collection strategies to determine the burden(More)
OBJECTIVES This study describes active duty military (ADM) women's beliefs and preferences concerning domestic violence (DV) policy in the military. METHODS Telephone interviews were completed with 474 ADM women from all services, 119 of whom had experienced DV during their military service. RESULTS A majority (57%) supported routine screening. Although(More)
Background: Residential sprinkler systems (RSS) are one intervention to prevent fire injury and death, yet there is no literature documenting why RSS homeowners opt to purchase a sprinkler-equipped home. This manuscript describes homeowners' decisions to purchase homes with residential sprinkler systems (RSS) and their experiences with the technology. It(More)
BACKGROUND Door-to-door canvassing and installation of smoke alarms have been found to be effective at increasing the number of homes protected. This analysis reports on how smoke alarm coverage changes six months after a home visiting program in a large urban sample, and how this change varies by characteristics of the residents and characteristics of the(More)