Andrea Carlo Giudice

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We introduce the first integrated active quenching circuit (I-AQC) that drives an avalanche photodiode (APD) above its breakdown voltage, in order to detect single photons. Based on the I-AQC, we developed a compact and versatile photon-counting module suitable for applications in which very weak optical signals have to be detected, as for instance, photon(More)
A bright photon source that combines high-fidelity entanglement, on-demand generation, high extraction efficiency, directional and coherent emission, as well as position control at the nanoscale is required for implementing ambitious schemes in quantum information processing, such as that of a quantum repeater. Still, all of these properties have not yet(More)
Global, secure quantum channels will require efficient distribution of entangled photons. Long distance, low-loss interconnects can only be realized using photons as quantum information carriers. However, a quantum light source combining both high qubit fidelity and on-demand bright emission has proven elusive. Here, we show a bright photonic nanostructure(More)
Single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) achieving high timing resolution (≈20-50  ps) developed for time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) generally have very small photosensitive areas (25-100 μm in diameter). This limits the achievable photon counting rate and signal-to-noise ratio and may lead to long counting times. This is detrimental in(More)
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