Andrea Caputo

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Euthanasia has received increasing attention in both academic and public debates as one of the most controversial issues. However, the contribution of psychology-related themes to the topic has had little role on these ongoing debates. The aim of the present study is twofold: (1) to explore the main themes relating to euthanasia as provided by(More)
The present study used a narrative-based approach to identify common themes that characterized the illness experience and quality of life of patients affected by rare disease (RD). Textual data were comprised of illness stories written by 32 adult Italian patients (eight men and 24 women), with the following RD diagnoses: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (n =(More)
Female entrepreneurship is a growing segment in the context of developing countries and has the potential to become a driving force for economic development. However, research suggests that females are less inclined toward entrepreneurship when compared to their male counterparts. This fact is related to a complex mix of causes such as the belief that(More)
This paper explores the potential role of gratitude on the reduction of loneliness feelings, even controlling for several variables related to social desirability, well-being (subjective happiness and life satisfaction) and socio-demographic characteristics. Through a web-based survey a convenience sample of 197 participants completed an online(More)
This research aims to explore the link between health demand and representation of medical function in a sample of 86 individuals (aged between 18 and 74) from Italy. A questionnaire has been administered for the analysis of cultural models (Carli & Paniccia 1999) in terms of affective symbolisations characterising physician-patient relationship. The(More)
Given the relevance of AIDS as a public health problem in the Italian context and of the role of mass media in the social construction of the phenomenon, the aim of the present study is twofold: (1) to explore the main AIDS-related themes in the Italian popular press; (2) to analyse the temporal trends of AIDS representations over the last decades. For the(More)
BACKGROUND Italy is a country showing low math achievement, especially in the Southern regions. Moreover, national student assessments are recent and rigorous policy evaluation is lacking. This study presents the results of one of the first randomized controlled trials implemented in Italian schools in order to measure the effects of a professional(More)
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