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  • Buchs, Prof, +12 authors Jörg Kienzle Also
  • 2008
Modern software is reaching levels of complexity encountered in biological systems; sometimes comprising systems of systems each of which may include tens of millions of lines of code. Model Driven Engineering (MDE) advocates raising the level of abstraction as an instrument to deal with software complexity. It promotes usage of software models as primary(More)
As an execution platform, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) provides many benefits in terms of portability and security. However, this advantage turns into an obstacle when it comes to determining the computing resources (CPU, memory) a program will require to run properly in a given environment. In this paper, we build on the Java Resource Accounting(More)
Monitoring of CPU consumption is a very basic requirement in many areas of software. It is especially valuable in the frame of Internet applications, in support of specific aspects such as security, reliability, and adaptability. This paper is set in the context of J-RAF2, a Java-based framework exploiting bytecode rewriting techniques in order to guarantee(More)
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