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To clarify the possible neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying the impairment in growth hormone (GH) secretion present in obesity, the GH response to GH-releasing hormone (GHRH, N = 6), insulin hypoglycemia (N = 6), clonidine (N = 7) and arginine (N = 8) after GHRH pretreatment (1 microgram/kg iv 2 h before the tests) was evaluated in 27 obese peripubertal(More)
In adult obese patients both an increase of aminotranspherase values and hepatic steatosis have been frequently showed. Conversely in childhood the existence of a liver's damage is often not investigated. To assess the prevalence of hepatic alterations in obese children, we studied 135 subjects, all affected by simple obesity, showing in a 20% of them the(More)
To determine whether differences in the neuroendocrine control of GH are present between children and adult subjects, the GH response to GHRH (1 microgram/kg) (group 1), insulin-induced hypoglycemia (0.1 U/kg iv) (group 2), clonidine (150 micrograms/m2 po) (group 3) and iv arginine (0.5 g/kg in 30 min) (group 4) after GHRH pretreatment (1 microgram/kg) was(More)
OBJECTIVES Several reports indicate a number of changes in the control of the release of PRL, LH, FSH, GH and beta-endorphin (B-EP) as a result of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). In this study we evaluate the presence of non-specific pituitary responses to releasing hormones in IDDM children and adolescents. METHODS The non-specific effects of(More)
It is shown how rescaled width functions (Rinaldo et al., 1995; D'Odorico et al., 1996) are built by means of Grass and some other custom programs. From them the width function based instantaneous unit hydrograph, WGIUH, is obtained. In the end, it is discussed the possible generalization of the procedure to include spatial soil moisture variability. Width(More)
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