Andrea Buondonno

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In taking an integrated ethnopedological approach, this study aims to investigate the meaning of the distribution of the toponyms used in traditional and recent cartography of Sardinia (southern Italy). It is particularly, but not only, focused on those related to soil resources. Sardinia is particularly interesting in this respect, as its unique history,(More)
The present study aims to assess the evolution of different proto-horizons as embryonic soils built by pedotechnologies for the reclamation and management of derelict and damaged lands, such as abandoned quarries. The model proto-horizons were assembled by utilizing coarse limestone gravel or zeolitized Phlegraean Yellow Tuff (PYT) as mineral components and(More)
Toxic metal release in simple leaching tests has been studied in this paper to assess waste behaviour in realistic landfilling scenarios. The waste is a galvanic sludge, raw or cement stabilized. Six different leachants were taken into account: distilled water, CO2-saturated solution, Olsen solution, Mehlich No. 3 solution, acid or alkaline soil circulating(More)
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